Client Testimonials

"Esther is sensitive and communicative, asking me but also intuiting what would be useful for me in the massage. And she is powerful, getting deep into muscles that really need the attention. Her background as a dancer adds to her mix of skills and knowledge. She is a wonderful massage therapist."  -A.

"Esther is an intuitive massage therapist. She uses an effective variety of techniques to help me release tension and move more freely." -L.

"Esther is a very strong and knowledgeable massage therapist. She worked on the areas that I requested and found additional areas of tensions that I wasn’t even aware of. I felt rejuvenated and more aware of my body. I remembered how good it feels when I find someone that can address problem areas with care." -K.

"Esther is an intuitive massage therapist. What she offers is more than just a massage, she includes active and passive stretching and includes very helpful options I can do after the massage to continue feeling good. I came in with a really stiff shoulder and left feeling so much better!" -H.

"Esther was immensely knowledgeable, responsive, skilled, and thoughtful. I loved the way she checked in about cupping, articulated unspoken pain cues, attended to an emergent issue, and made subtle, easy notes about inclusivity." -J.